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Friday, 25 September 2020   

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There is currently the opportunity to buy a share in our historic Catalina. If you would like more information, please contact:

The Catalina Society

The Catalina Society is the supporters club for the PBY5A Catalina. Our aim is to keep this beautiful old flying boat airworthy for many years to come. By forming the society, we have brought together people who share our aim. But more importantly, you will be joining a dedicated group of enthusiasts who can proudly associate themselves with their aircraft.

This is just the beginning - on joining the Society, you will receive the enrolment membership pack. This contains your personalised commemorative membership certificate and membership card. It also includes a Society car sticker, membership badge and print of the Catalina. You will also receive your first copy of THE CATALINA NEWS.

The Catalina News is published three times a year and contains many fascinating articles and the latest news concerning your aircraft and the characters behind her. We look into World War II operations and the men who flew' Cats', many of whom are members of the Society today. There is also news of Catalina operations worldwide and flying boats in general. There are many exclusive photographs as well. The Catalina News does, of course, feature letters from you, the members, giving your views and suggestions. Of special interest is the 'Cat Contact' column, where old comrades can locate each other and members can advertise for information or help. The Catalina News also contains details of the occasional opportunities for members to fly in our Catalina - an experience not to be missed!

We are always pleased to meet members and so details of when and where you can find us during the summer are published. Your membership card also entitles you to free entry to view the Cat at air displays (where conditions allow). We also have a sales team always willing to sell you lots of goodies - badges, stickers, prints, T shirts etc.

After the end of each display season, we hold the Annual Society Members' Meeting. This gives you the opportunity to get together socially with other members, crew and selected guests from the aviation world. Wherever possible there will be a private showing and flying display of the Cat.

The benefits of the Society will continue to grow with the membership. Remember - with your help our future Catalina will remain flying and not become resigned to a museum like so many other glorious old aircraft.

You can join the Catalina Society here.

Mr Paul Warren Wilson